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Step Five: Floor & Step Six: Various tools

July 2, 2014

Step Five: Floor
In February, Michael and Kesken helped the Onobasulu people cut the timber into lumber. Here the cut timber was stored under our house to dry and cure for usage in April. The number of boards for the floor decking was the largest number of boards cut.

However, the portable saw mill did not cut as accurately as was needed for building. Therefore, almost all of the floor boards had to be re-cut before use.

Michael and crew worked on cutting the boards, while LaVeryl and crew laid down the floor.

With needing to re-cut so many of the floor boards, it seemed to take forever to finish this step. There were moments when I wondered if the building would ever be completed, esp. when we had such limited time due to the men’s other work schedule, and that rainy season was coming.

Step Six: Various tools

It is a joy to get a job done with the proper tools.
The generator provided the power for the tools. How many people does it take to refill the generator?

To protect the tools and supplies, the Onobasulu men had put up a tarp

What a funny way to store the drill?

What do the saw, calculator, nail, and cucumbers have in common?

LaVeryl is the master of the saw.

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