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Miracles during traveling

July 11, 2014

When I decided that I needed to return to the USA for a short time, I knew that organizing the travel could possibly involve troubles and headaches. I knew that I was thinking about traveling when heaps of other people had already scheduled their own travels. It took several days to get my tickets booked. I had looked at several travel days, and a travel agent was helping me. She had sent a variety of possible itineraries to me, one I liked but I suggested one quick change. I asked that “one the way back, that I have two nights in Brisbane.” I had meant that on my return ‘back’ to PNG in September. However, the travel agent from her perspective of being in the USA thought I meant back to the USA. After a few moments, I realized that a break on the way home to the USA would be a good idea then I saw the price of that ticket. It was quite a bit less expensive. So, I laughed to myself and agreed to purchase that ticket.

A couple of friends at Ukarumpa had offered to drive me to another town in Papua New Guinea (Lae or Goroka) if I needed to fly out of either of those towns to make an international flight out of PNG. However, I was able to book a flight from Ukarumpa to Port Moresby, our capital city on Monday, 7 July.

Then the funny part was that I had tickets booked, but I was having difficulties with where I would stay. The couple of places that I would normally choose in Port Moresby were booked up. Also, my first few places that I contacted in Brisbane were also fully booked. Thanks, State of Origin Games! However, I did get a hotel booked in Port Moresby, then I got into good contact with friends in Brisbane.

So, I had a lovely flight from Aiyura Valley (Ukarumpa) and a stay in Port Moresby. Then on Tuesday morning, I flew to Brisbane. I arrived before a brief security scare at Brisbane airport that delayed flights. I had two nights, and a lovely, lazy day at the house of friends in Brisbane. Max & Julia, I had such a refreshing time at your house. Thanks!

Thursday morning, I boarded the plane for Sydney. However, we had a delay due to weather. Our plane took off about 50 minutes later than the scheduled take off time. I was getting worried, as I had only 1 hour & 50 minutes scheduled on the ground at Sydney. Sure enough, Once I landed in Sydney, I only had one hour. I got the last seat on the transit bus, then made it from the domestic terminal to the international terminal. I cleared security & immigration, when I finally arrived at my gate, they had just begun to board the plane. I got on the plane & was praying that my bags had also safely made it to the plane also. The plane was mostly full. I was so delighted to learn that not only did I have an aisle seat, so that I could get up at will, but also the seat next to me was empty. The flight was long, but I did get up and move around. I did not really sleep lots, but I did get in a few snoozes.

I landed safely at Dallas Fort Worth airport, Thursday afternoon, Texas time, since I was now repeating Thursday having crossed the international date line mid-flight.
A friend met me at the airport and took me home. Thanks, Karen P!

I was able to stay awake until about 8 p.m. I then took a melatonin and slept most of the night. I was awake briefly a couple of times. Pray that I can stay awake today, and sleep most of the night tonight.

Today, my mom has an appointment with a surgeon to discuss what treatment my mom will need next.

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