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The Little Things

August 1, 2014

This morning, I got a phone call from my niece, well really my great niece. She called to tell her Aunt Beverly that she had gone to the big girl potty. It was such a fun part of my morning. This is one of the advantages of being in the USA. This is the kind of things that I miss when in Papua New Guinea. After all, it is not normally considered ‘worth an international phone call.’ But as I relish being here in Texas, I know that small details of my life with the Onobasulu are also happening. And I am missing those little day to day details. Basically, this means that your missionary friends are always being homesick for the other part of their life.

I arrived safely in Arlington, Texas earlier this month. The very next day, I accompanied my mom on a visit to the surgeon. He does think that Mother needs a surgical procedure to correct her hernia. However, he wanted clearance from her cardiologist first. On Monday, Mother met with her cardiologist who checked her out, did an EKG, and cleared her for the laparoscopic surgery. We have a return visit scheduled to the surgeon on Tuesday, 5th August. I’ll let you know more details next week once we know the surgery date.

During this time home, I have been working to overcome jet lag and getting back on Texas time! Mom and I also had some great family time with my nieces and nephews. It was so cute when one of my little nieces said, “Aunt Beverly, I have not seen you in weeks and weeks and weeks!” It just melted my heart, but I did not even try to explain that it should have been a much longer time without seeing me in person with heaps of hugs!

Please do pray for us, as we continue to get ready for Mom’s surgery (hopefully soon). Pray also for us as try to set up a more thorough network of help for my mom and catch up on things around our house.

Thanks so very much for your love and prayers.

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