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Professional vs. Four Year Old

August 16, 2014

The first week that I was back in Texas, my four year old niece painted my toenails. Three different colors very heavily applied. Today, I got a professional pedicure. Now, I have smooth, consistent cotton candy pink on my toes. (Well, yes, I am still a kid at heart!) I did so enjoy the massage chair, and the lower leg & foot massage. It was refreshing to get a bit of pampering for just me! However, in the corner of my heart, I kind of miss my Brinley rainbow.

Once, years ago, Anna Dondorp (now Anna Stoppels) and I have walked out of Walagu village to see the pigs that belonged to a friend. When we got back to Walagu village, our feet were totally covered in mud. I remember that I joked with Anna, “Wouldn’t it be great to suddenly be in a really fancy spa, and to present our very muddy feet, and to say, ‘I’d like a pedicure please.’ “ After all, we already had the mud pack.

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