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Update on tired Beverly & Rowena Mosley

August 19, 2014

Monday, 18th of August, my mom, Rowena, had hernia repair surgery. It was almost a comedy of errors getting it scheduled. Two different days, and four different scheduled times. We finally did make it yesterday morning. Actually, since Mom’s brother was coming, we all arranged to be there early, so that Mom could visit with her baby brother!
The surgery itself went really well, with two tears being repaired. Mom’s heart & circulatory system did really well. Thanks for all of the prayers raised on our behalf.
There was one small complication, Mom could not really empty her bladder. So, we were one of the last patients to leave the day surgery area. The nursing staff said if Mom could not empty her bladder within a certain number of hours, to head back to the emergency room.

Yes, that is what we got to do. . . Head back to the emergency room at 1 a.m. We finally left again between 4 & 5 this morning. We have both had a nap, rest of night (ha ha). I just wanted to update everyone, before I head back to a nap. We are currently awaiting the return call from the surgeon’s office about when to have the catheter removed.
Once again, your prayers are so appreciated. Thanks for the prayers already lifted up, and thanks for the prayers for continued healing. One last thing, while I do enjoy helping my mom, the pulled muscle in my lower back is not happy.

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