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God rest ye merry

December 15, 2014

I have always loved the Christmas carol, “God rest ye merry gentleman.” I also remember once someone questioning me if this was a party-type song (an old time version of Rock around the Christmas tree). No, when you look at the message it is reminding us that Christ coming to be our Savior lets us rest in peace and comfort despite difficult external circumstances.

Last week I had a variety of tests to check the healing process of my heart. I am so happy to report that the physical pump function of my heart is healing. I do still need to continue to help my heart build strength and stamina. I have only done a mediocre job on stamina building so far, partly because of a series of infections. I have now been infection free for a few weeks! I also need to work on thyroid levels.

My spiritual and mental heart also needs some more healing time. After discussions with both my administrator and my doctor, I will be here in the USA for a short while longer before I return to Papua New Guinea. It is amazing how interconnected what happens to the physical body affects our attitudes and emotional heart, because made us as integrated beings. There are also financial obstacles to overcome. Now, some dear friends have given extra, and that has blessed my heart so much! If God is speaking to your heart to be a part of the Onobasulu program, here is one way to participate:

Most of all, thanks for holding me up in prayer through this journey. I do see God’s hand of love and protection.

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