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Wednesday’s scary adventure

January 9, 2015

Just after lunchtime on Wednesday, my mom began to exhibit some speech symptoms that scared me so much! Her speech became a bit slurred and garbled. I called 911 and we traveled to the hospital in Mansfield. The very hard part was because of cold & flu season, we spent the entire first 25 hours in the emergency department. (Their chairs are better than sitting on split black palm floor all day, but still are not very comfortable, esp. for all day & night!)

Finally late Thursday afternoon, mother got admitted to a room for further tests & observation. After helping her get settled in, I left her eating her dinner. Yes, eating dinner, and speaking much more clearly! The test results coming back are showing no permanent damage. So, I came home for a night in my very own bed. I almost slept around the clock. Now that I am feeling some better, I am getting ready to head back to the hospital. Today, pray as we consider some ongoing therapy options to rebuild some strength and stamina for my mom.

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  1. Jo Nell (Jolly) Wilson Pegues permalink
    January 11, 2015 1:50 am

    Praying for you & your mom!

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