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Questions still in my mind, but peace in my heart.

March 16, 2015

Last Sunday, the 8th of March, I was trying to fulfill what I thought was God’s plan for my month of March.

However, I was asking people to pray for me as I was quite ill. My mom was also very ill. By Sunday night, my mom was in the emergency room at the hospital following two falls that day due to weakness. We wanted to double check both that nothing more serious was happening, and that no bones were broken. Mother did transfer to a physio-therapy rehab hospital. She is making slow progress.

I did not get on the plane to head to Papua New Guinea. Instead I have worked on getting rest & getting well. OK, with some laundry thrown in and visiting my mom for a short time each day.

I had been running down the path that I thought that God had for me. It felt like I just ran into a brick wall. For much of the week, it felt like I was just curled up in a ball at the foot of that brick wall, wondering why I hit that wall.

Towards the end of the work week, a pastor of one of my supporting churches called and asked me to come and share with their congregation today. (Note to pastors: if you call & ask a missionary to come, they will say yes, even when they feel ill!)

Church today was so encouraging to my heart today. There are still unanswered questions about how and when I’ll get on the plane to Papua New Guinea. However, the change this week is in my heart and spirit.

I want to be in God’s plan and God’s timing. Please do continue to pray for me and for the Onobasulu people.
By the way: Anna Stoppels is there in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea working with 2 of our 4 Onobasulu co-translators. Pray for them as they work through some of the epistles from the New Testament.

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