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Pray for Osa Wabele corrected

March 18, 2015

Osa Wabele is the wife of one of the Onobasulu translators. On Monday, PNG time, Osa was bitten by a death adder. This snake is aptly named. Most people bitten by these snakes do not make it. However, we had translated a small health book that described the best practices for first aid when bitten by snakes, until medical treatment could happen.

A series of miracles happened. First, the people remembered what to do: immobilize the limb, and tightly bandage with stretchy ace bandages. Then although the mobile phone service was not working, they were able to get someone on the radio at our main work base of Ukarumpa. They contacted Anna Stoppels, and the other 2 Onobasulu translators. After many phone calls, a commercial oil company said that they could medically evacuate Osa, except the afternoon winds were two strong. They were able to get into Walagu in the late afternoon.

Often when God’s work goes forward, the enemy rises up to attack the workers. Pray for Anna Stoppels in PNG, and her family left this month in the Netherlands. Pray for Yobe and Joseph and their families left this month in Walagu. Pray for the other Onobasulu translators and literacy workers and their families. And of course, please pray for Beverly who is trying to return to PNG soon.

Here is Osa last year sharing a meal at my house in Walagu about one year ago. Left to right: Osa, her daughter Ana, Lindsey, Wabele, Michael, and LaVeryl (construction guys).

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