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Potpourri & Prayer

March 25, 2015

I have often made potpourri from dried flowers. I so enjoy getting to continue to enjoy the fragrance of those dried flowers. Fragrance and memory closely tied together in an amazing way. The other day, I inhaled a fragrance that wafted me back to Papua New Guinea. I am working on trying to get back to PNG for a short visit in late May and early June. Pray that I am able to work out all of these details.

Also, thinking about our friend & co-worker, Osa Wabele, is like breathing in a refreshing fragrance. She has been a great friend, first to Anna Stoppels , then to others working in the Onobasulu language program. I am so very happy to report that Osa and her husband Wabele are now back in Walagu village. Please pray for her continued healing, both from the actual wound and for peace in her heart.

There is a training course for Papua New Guineans working in Bible translation. In the years 2007, 2008, and 2010, our Onobasulu team completed the first 3 modules. However, the two higher level courses are not run each year. This year, the leaders of this course are running year 4. We are working on the logistics that would enable the Onobasulu team to attend this course. We want our Onobasulu co-workers to receive all of the training possible. We also want to know that we completed this course. Pray that all of these details will come together. This is part of the reason of the timing of my own projected trip. Here are our guys soaking up knowledge during year 3.

Some of my days recently have felt a bit dry. In spite of this dryness, I pray for myself that the fragrance of God’s presence wafts out from my life.

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