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Four weeks, times two!

April 20, 2015

OK, checking the calendar. Four work weeks from now, Lord willing, I will board the plane(s) taking me to Papua New Guinea. My ‘to do’ before the 15th of May is very, very long! Pray for strength & wisdom for each day.

I plan to be gone from Texas exactly four weeks. With travel time, that leaves just 3 weeks and 2 days in Ukarumpa. My ‘to do’ list for that time is also quite full. First: being a part of the last couple of weeks of the Translators’ Training Course with the Onobasulu team! Thanks Rocky & Wendy Dede for volunteering to share mentoring of both your language team and the Onobasulu team. You are a blessing! I also have some personal tasks that need to happen.

Then back to Texas for more work. I need the Lord’s strength & wisdom!

For giving opportunities, follow this link:

OK, third time trying to get successfully posted to Facebook.

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