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cat+the dog+a chase+past

April 25, 2015

How would you translate that sentence? Which animal did the chasing: cat or dog? Which animal was being introduced to the story? There are so many facets to translation, even simple sentences. Then throw in cultural clues from thousands of years ago; thousands of miles away; and desert vs. rain forest culture. Do these challenges make you want to become a Bible translator?

The four Onobasulu men are in Ukarumpa preparing to begin their fourth & final module of the Translators’ Training Course. Several miracles occurred so that these men can attend. First miracle, Rocky and Wendy Dede offered to be the Onobasulu mentor alongside their own language team, Pouye (a people group from the Sepik area of Papua New Guinea). The Pouye men and Rocky & Wendy were our fellow students in year 3 of this course a few years ago. Thank you so much, our Sepik friends! Second miracle, we applied for the course after the application deadline. The course leaders extended grace to us, and allowed us to attend the course.

The flip side to our being accepted was that the space in the training center dorm was full, and that all of the scholarship money had been allocated. Well, we found a place for the men to live in our small town during the training. They still get to eat in the dining hall.

However, the miracle still to come: God’s provision for the financial needs of this course. We do have to pay rent on the house where the guys are currently staying, and pay the board fees for the dining hall. There are also course and material fees.

We did set up an account for ‘PNG Onobasulu Training’ with the number of 991069. If God speaks to your heart to help meet this need, do this.
Go to Click on Donate/Projects
Click where it says “Can’t find a specific project? Click Here”.
Under Project Name and/or ID, type the name of our project: “PNG Onobasulu Training”

Please note that our project is still new, and not on the official list yet, so you do need to click on the “Can’t find a specific project” for the next few days.

Pray for God’s protection over the Onobasulu men, and for their families back in Walagu village. Pray for good health for the men. Pray for good understanding during the course.

In this photo, we are working on translation in Walagu village.

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