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It was the best of times, It was the worst of times.

May 12, 2015

Oh wait, someone already used that line to begin a book. I’m not writing a book today, anyway.

Today would have been my brother’s birthday. I miss him so much. Of course, today was also hard for my mom and our family. I especially think of my two nieces with their families. Junior would have loved being the Papaw for their families. And his little son, his namesake is growing up without his dad. Pray for our family as we try hard to remember special memories and go on with our lives.

Today was also an important work day for my work with the Onobasulu. I have a long list of things that really should happen before I leave for Papua New Guinea later this week. It included one last trip to CostCo for a few things I want to take with me, and a few things that Mother will use while I am gone. I stood in the middle of CostCo surrounded by huge stacks of food & stuff! Surrounded by crowds of people with overflowing baskets! I thought to myself, in a week, I’ll be in Ukarumpa a small town in Papua New Guinea with one small store ~ pre-culture shock setting in.

I received a notice that one person graciously joined the team of people praying for the Onobasulu translation team, and generously giving to the financial need for the Translators’ Training Course. If you want to sign up to pray or give, please follow this link:
Thank you so very much to all of you who are an important part of our Onobasulu family!

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