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Was that an earthquake last night?

May 27, 2015

Was that an earthquake last night that entered my dreams? OK, I did go to bed last night a bit too tired and achy, and I had trouble falling asleep. This morning, I could vaguely remember some of my dreams. One was set in the USA, not PNG. Suddenly, an earthquake happened in the dream; dreamlike, I had vivid impressions of things jumping & bouncing around. This morning, I considered the dream. Possibility #1: a small earthquake happened here in the highlands of PNG, not unusual, and it did not awaken me. Possibility #2: no earthquake happened here and my heart & spirit were just dealing with this season of rapid and seemly chaotic change in my life. Possibility #3: A little bit of two previous guesses occurred. Just wondering.

Many of you will remember that I talked about preparing my little Ukarumpa house for a tenant. Here in Ukarumpa, we lease the land from the PNG government. We say that Beverly ‘owns’ A18. But really I just own the responsibility to take care of the house, and pay the various fees. My little house here has been a huge blessing to me through the years. But if I am not going to be present physically in PNG for most of the year for this next season, it seems wiser to sell the house. But that opportunity only really became real after my return last week. So, my sorting & packing is at a much deeper level, both physically and mentally. Thanks for praying for grace and wisdom. Here is my house last year when I returned to Ukarumpa at my birthday. Lindsey had decorated with balloons to welcome me back!

And as always, please keep on praying for the translation team working hard this last week of the Translators’ Training Course. To join the prayer & giving campaign, please follow this link!

Have a great day with Jesus!

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