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Beverly Mosley’s July 2015 newsletter

July 7, 2015

“My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:2 NASV

July 2015

Have you ever noticed that the only constant is that things are always changing? Because of my mother’s increasing care needs, I am transitioning to ‘remote assignment’ with Wycliffe Bible Translators. This status allows for me to work from my home country while continuing my assignment as a Bible translator for the Onobasulu people.

What tools does a Bible translator need? The Onobasulu translators have a stack of notebooks with pencils, and a small netbook computer. I have a computer and printer with a good internet connection. Anna Stoppels also has her computer in the Netherlands with internet connection. So from around the world, we will continue the translation and literacy work for the Onobasulu people. I hope that this transition encourages the Onobasulu workers and community to more strongly consider the translation task to be their own responsibility.

In mid-May I returned to Papua New Guinea for four weeks. My time was short, intense, and packed with emotions. One reason to be in PNG during this time was to be there while the Onobasulu translators completed module four of the Translators’ Training Course. We first began this course in 2007. In my next letter I will give more details about this training. I praise God the Onobasulu men could attend this course because Rocky Dede volunteered to mentor the Onobasulu as well as the Pouye language teams. Thanks, Rocky!

While in PNG I worked with the Personnel Office to officially set up the remote assignment. I also sorted through my personal belongings; packing some away and parting with others. I returned to Texas in mid-June.

Before I will be released to begin my new remote assignment I must be at 100% of the monthly budget Wycliffe has approved for my ministry. I am praying for additional partners to join my Wycliffe ministry team! If you would like an updated, exciting report on Onobasulu translation, please contact me to schedule a meeting.

* Praise God that my mom did well with a friend during my time in PNG;
* For the Onobasulu translators’ completion of all four modules of the Translators’ Training Course.

* For me as I care for my mom while preparing for my new remote assignment;
* For opportunities to share my Wycliffe ministry as I trust God for adding to my ministry partnership team.

In His Love,

Beverly R. Mosley

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