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Today is my dad’s birthday

August 1, 2015

August 1st is my dad’s birthday. Today I think of him more than most days. I miss my dad so very much, even though it has been a few years since he died.

I was always a Daddy’s girl. My daddy is bigger/stronger/more wonderful than your dad! I thought that my dad could do anything. Most of my growing up years, my dad worked as a tooling machinist. (That means he spent his shift grinding down a series of the same part over & over. Most of those years, he made the parts for engines for Bell Helicopter.) He came home smelling of the oil used to make the machines run properly. That smell meant my dad. His plastic lunch box also picked up the smell. Sometimes, he would have a couple of cookies or some chips left from his lunch. They would also pick up the smell. My brother & I would get to eat these leftovers from Dad’s lunch. We thought that this was a high treat. I cannot figure out why now, other than it meant “Dad!” My dad worked so hard to give my brother and me a new and better life than he and my mom had growing up.

So, in a way, he struggled with my choice to go and live in a very remote area without modern conveniences. Now, he thought that I was very intelligent and the world’s greatest linguist. : ) But really, live in the middle of nowhere?

My dad and my brother died within a few weeks of each other. And just as my growing up memories were intertwined as family memories, my thoughts of the passing of my dad & brother are intertwined.

Today, I sit here typing, sipping a diet coke with the Dad logo, thinking of two most important dads in my life: my dad and my brother.

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