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Three weeks into my own cardio rehab classes

September 3, 2015

It has been almost a year since my heart attack. But so many crazy things were happening that it seemed like I could not ‘fit’ the cardio rehab into my life. Finally I began about 3 weeks ago. I am making good progress. Three days a week, I do some warm up & stretches exercises. Then I work out on two different machines. I began with small times and have worked up to the suggested max times on those two machines. Now, I’ll concentrate on increasing the intensity of my workout. I am now exercising more consistently than I have for a long time. This does help me feel better about myself. Pray that I can make this a true life-changing habit in my life, not just for the duration of the class.

On a good note about my mom. She come home yesterday (Wednesday) from her week & a half stay in the physio-therapy rehab hospital. Sometimes we joking refer to our house as Mosley memorial hospital. Thanks for the many prayers for our continued recovery.

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