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It’s been a year.

September 10, 2015

It’s been quite a year. Exactly one year ago from right now as I type, I was coming out of the surgery that installed two stents in my heart and stopped my heart attack. The first few days, if I just said, “I had a heart attack,” I would begin to cry.

There have been so many valleys, shadows, and looming mountains. I would not say that I achieved many mountaintops.

However, I am extremely aware of surpassing grace of God in my life. Just being in Texas rather than Papua New Guinea. When I had a medical emergency, I had a choice of hospitals & doctors to give me excellent treatment. Mostly, though, your love and prayers and encouragement have carried me through.

I am slowly healing. I am attending the cardiac rehab and making slow progress.

God has changed the ‘how’ of my Bible translation work among the Onobasulu people. We do still need your support and prayers. Thanks for being an important part of this team.

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