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Onobasulu translation and literacy

June 14, 2016

Thanks for continuing to pray for the ongoing work of Bible translation among the Onobasulu people of Papua New Guinea. On the surface, the work does look a bit different with me working most of the time from Texas rather than PNG. We are still adjusting a bit who does what, when, where, and how. For instance, this month, the 4 Onobasulu translators are working at Ukarumpa. They are making a first draft of the book of Revelation. There are a few young men who have expressed interest in becoming a part of our team. This is both exciting and challenging. Pray for wisdom about how and when to have these young men work on the team. As their education level is a bit higher than the other translators, possibly we could have them work on some of the higher level of checking or reverse translation.

Literacy work continues. Pray for the teachers and coordinators to stay motivated, especially when they work under restricted conditions.

Pray for our entire team. The father of one our literacy coordinators passed away. Hauwo’s father, Sebo, was one of the very first Christians among the Onobasulu people. He was so proud that his son, then later daughter were involved in the translation, then literacy work. He was always supportive. A quiet, tower of grace and strength. Selfishly, I miss his presence and support. My heart breaks for Hauwo and his family as they miss their father and grandfather. Here is Sebo with one of his grandchildren in 2014.

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