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T-Minus Two Weeks and Counting. . .

September 9, 2016

And updates on those crazy hurdles!

This will be short & sweet, as I should really be in bed, and not on the computer. Today has been a very difficult day, for many reasons, most of which I’ll not go into now. But any & all prayers on my behalf would be appreciated greatly. And I am posting this, hoping to clear my mind & heart before I fall into the bed.

Thanks for those of you praying me over the hurdles of the last few weeks. I have gotten over several of the hurdles, just scraping my knees on a few of them . : )

There were a couple of times, that in reality I crawled under the hurdle. One such hurdle was the requirements that our PNG doctor’s wanted me to fulfill before my return. My plans are to leave for PNG on Friday, 23 September. As of today, I had to add a cardiac stress test on Friday, 16 September. Not really my own first choice, but a good precaution. Please pray for good results and guidance.

Also, during each of the times when I am preparing for the overseas transition, there seems to be a day when I have a meltdown ~ thinking that there is no way that I can make it on time! Sometimes more than one day involves this stress! I was already thinking this today, when I got the call from the cardiologist to add the stress test before I leave. So many details, please pray for wisdom for each day’s work, and the grace to carve out some down time each day!
Thanks for any and all prayers. I’m headed to bed now, hoping for delicious & healing sleep!

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