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A Tale of Two Fridays

October 13, 2016

Last week Friday, for lunch we ate at the Ukarumpa store ‘Kaibar.’ Kaibar is a small take and carry snack shop. We had roasted chicken and chips (USA French Fries). It was to celebrate the good start to the consultant checking work on Luke’s Gospel. Here we are eating.

Today, PNG Friday at 10:10 a.m., we finished the work directly with the consultant! It was a very happy moment. He leaves Monday, and we had even thought that we might need to work Saturday. Here is the photo taken right after we finished the last verse!

When working with a consultant, often a language team will work about ¾ of the day with the consultant, then make changes in the last bit of the day. However, our consultant had limited days to work with us, so we worked full days each day. Now, I have a long list of comments on various verses for us to discuss further and potentially make changes. Via the internet, and a special text editing program, we can also communicate our ideas with Anna Stoppels and reach a full group consensus. So, Please keep on praying for us! The work of going through those notes begins this afternoon!

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