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Tea Break on Thursday morning

October 19, 2016

Well, we are having our midmorning tea break here in Papua New Guinea. The four Onobasulu men and I are working through the suggested changes from the consultant checking on Luke’s Gospel the last couple of weeks. We are making good progress.

Here is Beverly’s computer surrounded by paperwork. We are enjoying working in the dining room of the house where I am living these weeks!

Just before break we were working in Chapter 15 of Luke’s Gospel. In the first few verses, there were a few small changes to make. Often ‘typos’ that I continue to find! However, the third parable is that of the prodigal son. I want you to know exactly what our consultant Howard Oates said about our translation.
“Ch 15.11-32 The story was very clear and well understood. Excellent!”

Here is a photo of some of my work pages:

Most pages have some corrections. On the right side is part of the Luke 15 passage. The only marks on the page were where I marked the reading breaks as we read through the previous week. NO corrections! It is a lovely page.

Thanks for your continued prayers!

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