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The Best Ever. . .

December 23, 2016

I am enjoying time with my family for the Christmas season. Yesterday, we celebrated by family photos. (Don’t worry, I’ll not share all 300-400 photos!) However, here is the big group of us:

Nana is in the middle, two granddaughters, one of the two grandsons’ in law, one grandson, and five great grandkids, and the happiest auntie!
Nana and Ray enjoy the special bond of sharing a birthday.

But, I also miss my Onobasulu family. I think about what might be happening in Walagu and the other villages. There would be plans for a special Christmas crusade. Think Christmas revival meetings. But also a fun part of the Christmas crusade is that the extended family gets together. Some of the family members that work outside the language area, often make a special effort to come back to be with family. And sago will be an important part of the menu when the family eats together.
Most of all, I love thinking about how the amazing of God the Father sending His Son into the world to be God with Us, Immanuel. I ponder the amazing humility of Jesus to be willing to be born to a common family, not to be born in a palace or hospital. His love and adoption of me, also lets me enjoy the privilege of living among and being a part of the Onobasulu people.

Where ever you are, whoever you are with, remember that His love reaches out to you and invites to you be a part of His Family, because of Jesus!

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