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Fellowship Time

August 13, 2019

A favorite part of my Onobasulu coworkers being here in Ukarumpa is the opportunity for times of fellowship. The first night that Dickson arrived in Ukarumpa we had a meal at my house. That night I also invited a good friend, Karen Rowe. As two Kaluli men were also working at Ukarumpa, I invited them that evening also. The Kaluli are a neighboring language group. One of the men is even part Onobasulu. I hoped this would help Dickson to not feel to lonely as the only Onobasulu person in Ukarumpa. I forgot, though, to take a photo. Dickson’s first week he lived in the national quarter’s men’s dorm. The two Kaluli men were staying in a room close by.

Sunday lunch is another good time to eat and fellowship. On the 27 of July, Andy and Sylvia Grosh invited both Dickson and me to their house. The Grosh family works with the Kaluli people. The normally have the Kaluli men over on Sundays. Dickson and I enjoyed the great meal and fun fellowship, including playing Bible Trivia after lunch.

Andy took the photo above. I took the photo below. So in your mind, you can put our group all together.

After the first week, Dickson moved out to our training center that includes a mess hall. He eats all of his meals there. A few days for lunch, I joined him and the other students for lunch. We were able to discuss how he was doing during the course. After a few times eating there in the mess hall, I could see that Dickson had made more friends among the other students, and that he enjoyed visiting with his fellow students. So, for this last week, I’ll eat lunch at my house, and sneak in a quite rest before the afternoon session.

Last Sunday on 11 August, I invited Dickson over to my house for lunch again. During the previous week, Andy Grosh and the two Kaluli men had returned to Bosavi for their work there. Therefore, I invited Sylvia to join Dickson and me for lunch. I also asked that she bring the Bible Trivia game. : )
We had a great lunch and visit. But once again I forgot a photo.

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