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Defrosting the fridge/freezer in the tropics

September 16, 2019

Let me start with the fact that I love having a refrigerator with a freezer here in Ukarumpa! I do not have a fridge in Walagu village. I can live without the fridge, but it is such a great blessing.

However, my fridge is here is not new. And being a good Texan girl, I like ice cubes in my water and tea! So, the poor freezer compartment likes to frost & freeze over. I had on my agenda to defrost the freezer yesterday during my work holiday for PNG Independence Day. I visited with some friends instead. So, up early today to defrost. On the stove, I made a nest of clean bath towels, stacked up my frozen things, and wrapped the towels up and over. Be creative when you do not have a large ice chest. I only have the lunch size ice chest. Place bowls of hot water in the freezer compartment to hasten the melting of the ice. Scrape ice off onto a plate. I used to try to catch with my hand. Too Cold For Hands. Wash with baking soda & water. Let dry. Place all of the items back in clean, dry freezer. Then wipe down inside of fridge portion. Discover the container of veggies hiding in the back of that bottom shelf! Take old veggies out to the compost pile. Enjoy the thought that it will be a while before I need to do this again.

And thanks, Karen, for the idea of placing my water filled ice trays in zip bag when putting in to make ice cubes. Contain the vapor and condensation!

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