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November to December 2019 Newsletter from Beverly Mosley

November 29, 2019

“Therefore many other signs Jesus also performed in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; but these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name. John 20:30-31 NASB

November and December 2019

Dear Ones,

As we sit at my table in PNG, four Onobasulu speakers read the Gospel of John in their own heart language for the first time during consultant

checking! The consultant is another translator who has special training in helping to recognize potential problems in the translation. Particular items to look out for are idioms or other methaphorical language, religious key terms, and cultural items that can be awkward to translate. As we begin the passage about the arrest of Jesus on the night that He was betrayed, His trial and death are looming. Tears just well up in my eyes as I think that Jesus was choosing to do this for me. This is also why I sit at this same table today.

So much has happened in these last months. Anna Stoppels was here from the Netherlands for four weeks. She worked with two of the Onobasulu translators on Revelation. Johann Alberts worked with the other two translators on first drafting of Hebrews. Johann shared some of his work time with me. Anna and the four men arrived the same day. At our welcome dinner, we enjoyed the blessing of being all together for the first time! From left is Karen Rowe, a friend. Next are Anna, me, Wabele, Joseph, Yobe, Jack, Johann and his wife, Antonia.

After four weeks, the four translators as well as Johann flew out to Walagu to work. The night before the flight, I printed out copies of Revelation that the translators could read through once more for another check. So, while the plane was being loaded, we put those pages into folders. That same plane brought four different Onobasulu speakers to Ukarumpa to continue consulting checking for the Gospel of John. Consultant checking is one of the final major checks before any scripture could be published or recorded. For this level of checking, we ask help from people who have not been involved in the previous drafting or checking of that passage. We check their responses to reading or hearing the first time.

Since my

return to PNG, I have been going through some older files. One thing that I discovered was a stack of notebooks filled with handwritten first drafts of various scripture passages. So here are the consultant checking team with both first draft and consultant check print out copies. Left to right are Jonathan Hauwo, Dickson Wadaga, Juliedi Jonathan, and Mamele Fred. Only Dickson had been a involved in consultant checking before. Therefore, the first couple of days were difficult and even a bit scary for them. But as they grew in understanding of what we were asking, we made great progress. The checking is finished. I do still have a few places to clean up and correct text from my notes.

Upcoming plans: Twice a year, I need to get a follow-up with a cardiologist. I also have several other doctor appointments in December in the USA. Oh, and I get to spend Christmas with my family. Then back to work in Papua New Guinea in January.

Also for safety reasons as a single lady, and to help with errands and logistical part of my work, I am considering purchasing a car here in PNG next year. Please pray for wisdom for this decision and for provision.

* For God’s provision of a great translation and literacy team for the Onobasulu people;
* For the progress in our work by the entire team in the last few weeks: advisor/exegetical check of Revelation, finishing first draft of Hebrews, finishing consultant check of John!

* For wisdom in the next season of my ministry with the Onobasulu translation program;
* For God’s wisdom as we develop the ongoing translation and literacy Onobasulu team;
* For wisdom on whether or not to acquire a car for use here in PNG.
* For good reports from the various doctors during medical appointments in December.

In His Love,

Beverly R. Mosley

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