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Preparing for computer courses

August 8, 2019

Dickson Wadaga is an Onobasulu man who is here at Ukarumpa for a couple of computer training courses. Because our aviation team only flies to the different areas of the country on certain days, Dickson arrived at Ukarumpa several days before the first computer course began. He and I worked in a small rented office for those first few days. We did a number of activities to get him prepared for the two courses.

Finger exercises were to help limber up Dickson’s fingers. Plus, it was fun doing them.

When was the last time that you exercised your fingers?

Pray for Dickson as he works very hard during the computer training courses. More details to follow.

Home is where your pillow is . . .

July 25, 2019

I travel back and forth to Papua New Guinea a lot, then within PNG, I travel back and forth between the small town of Ukarumpa and the Onobasulu village of Walagu. When I am back in the USA, I also travel around reporting about my work to many friends, churches and families. So, for many years now, I joke that as long as I have my own pillow, then I am at home. I even take my pillow when I am staying in hotels.
I left Texas for PNG on the 31st of May 2019. After a brief stop in Australia to see the cardiologist and some vacation time, I arrived back in PNG on the 10th of June. I did bring a new pillow back with me, as pillows left packed up in the tropics develop a smell that is not nice at all. I have been busy settling in to life again at Ukarumpa. This included retrieving my things that were packed away in a storage unit. The linens and household goods needed to be washed to make them fresh and clean even though they were clean when they were packed away just over a year ago. Some boxes had been packed away even longer. Last night was cold and rainy. It was so nice to cuddle into my clean flannel sheets under the blankets with my new pillow. I am caught up with myself in the new time zone, and beginning to feel at home once again.

Here is my luggage when I arrived at Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. The new pillow is squished into one of the suitcases! I use all of my luggage allowance when traveling back & forth!!

What is Beverly doing now?

March 7, 2019

March 2019

Dear Ones,

Today the main focus of my work is concentrating on my return to Papua New Guinea! I am checking off the many items from my very long ‘to do’ list. Although my heart is excited about returning to the work I love as a Bible translator for the Onobasulu people, it will be difficult to say goodbye to my loved ones here in the USA. The first of the two main items to be completed is my PNG resident visa which is in it’s final approval stage. Pray with me I’ll soon have my passport back with the PNG visa.

The second item to be completed is my team of Wycliffe ministry partners. Wycliffe uses and approves a ministry budget for its members. This budget reflects the amount needed to fund each ministry. Wycliffe requires its members who have financial need to develop financial partnerships with individuals and churches to fund its tax-exempt purpose and to meet their full ministry budgets. As I write this letter, I need just less than $300 pledged per month. Thanks for praying that I will soon reach my full 100%. I’m aiming for May departure.

Below is a picture of me preparing materials for the Onobasulu literacy program.

For those of you who are receiving this letter by hard copy, if you would prefer to receive my letters via email, please let me know your email address. My email address is below.

* For God’s loving care of me during more than 25 years of working in Papua New Guinea;
* For my many faithful prayer and financial partners. Yes, that means YOU.

* For God’s provision of wisdom as I prepare for my return to PNG in 2019, and as I trust God’s provision of my Wycliffe ministry team;
* For wisdom in shaping the next season of my ministry with the Onobasulu translation program.

In His Love,

Beverly R. Mosley

Some updated Onobasulu prayer requests.

September 12, 2018

Please pray for Anna Stoppels as she begins travels from the Netherlands to Papua New Guinea. She plans to leave the Netherlands on Friday the 14th of September. (So USA friends, that means begin to pray on Thursday!) The major focus of this trip for Anna is to follow up with the recovery of the Onobasulu people after February’s earthquakes. Anna plans to be in Walagu village from the 19th of September until the 20th of October.

There is a cinematographer traveling to PNG also. First he will shot another project, then, he will travel to Walagu to film the Onobasulu people. Pray that this filming will accurately portray the Onobasulu and their ongoing struggles. However a major pray request is the PNG visa for our cinematographer. Several different government departments are involved in the approval that needs to happen by Tuesday afternoon of the 18th (the Netherlands time)! So that he can begin his travels on the 19th of September.

April Update from Beverly Mosley

April 25, 2018

April 2018

Dear Ones,

In February, I boarded the first of my flights to Papua New Guinea. I had suitcases filled with clothes and work materials. I also had a long list of work plans for my short time in PNG. I knew even then that my list was too long. However, I was so excited to be headed back to work face to face with my Onobasulu co-workers.

I did get work done, in spite of God shaking up my plans. Early in the morning of February 26, a very strong earthquake was epicentered quite near to the Onobasulu language area. It had been almost 100 years since a quake this strong hit our area, therefore, no one alive during this quake could remember this kind of experience. A large portion of our language area, as well as surrounding areas, sustained huge damage. The damage includes loss of or damage to houses and landslides that took out gardens and covered sago palm plantings. The landslides also dirtied fresh water supplies. Many areas have huge cracks in the ground. And most frightening, the aftershocks continue to occur. The aftershocks have lessened in frequency and intensity, but are still happening too often for everyone’s comfort.

Amazing work has been done by a combination of agencies to get relief aid into the stricken communities and medi-vac injured people to regional hospitals. So many people have been involved, I will not even try to list them all. Thanks so very much to all who are helping! Here is something that blessed my heart so much just one day. Our main working base in PNG is a small town up in the Eastern Highlands Province called Ukarumpa. There is one small store there. The store had made arrangements that individuals could buy supplies or donate clothes, etc. Then these goods were flown out to the area. One day, I was in line waiting my turn to check out. I notice two young girls were paying for a couple of small purchases. They made sure to ask for the special sticker showing that the items are for the relief effort. The girls carefully counted out the cash, as their mom watched. They put their items on the table. By the time that I was checking out, they returned with bags of clothes. You see, their dad is one of the pilots flying the relief supplies to the region. After family discussion, the girls decided to use some of their own money to buy food, and sorted through and donated some of their clothes. I just stood there, watching, and trying hard not to cry. Their mom took this photo for me to share with you.

What are my work plans now? I am glad that you asked! I am now officially on furlough. This means I need to report to my current prayer and financial partnership team. I need to find some new prayer and financial partners. How are you involved in the Onobasulu translation program? Would you consider increasing your involvement? Would you like to invite some of your friends to be a part of our team? Please contact me so we can make an appointment. I am hoping to return to PNG in very early 2019, so we have lots of work to get done between now and next January. Thanks for praying.

In His Love,

Beverly R. Mosley

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PNG Earthquakes, Part 2

March 8, 2018

Part two from Beverly Mosley on PNG earthquakes. . . Even though it has been well over a week since the initial large earthquake, numerous aftershocks continue. Some of these aftershocks would be considered a good sized earthquake on their own. Most, if not all, of the language group has temporarily relocated to Walagu village. It is our largest village, and it is close to the airstrip. The first relief supplies did arrive this week. Because of the shaking and landslides, a number of houses have collapsed. In our area, people were able to crawl out of these fallen houses. The Onobasulu plant their gardens on the slopes of the mountain ridges, therefore, many have lost their gardens. They also process the sago palm for a starchy flour to eat. There are reports that many sago palms have fallen over in the quakes. Among the Onobasulu people, there are no reported deaths, however, there are deaths in surrounding areas.

Anna Stoppels was in the house that our team uses to live and work in there at Walagu village. Our house did sustain some damage. Here is the house 12 years ago when it was brand new! We were excited to have the metal roof to catch rain water. Our posts were all set on small cement pads as one layer of protection against future termite damage

The external large water tank was on a cement pad, and probably a little over half full. The pressure of the shaking and sloshing of over 1,000 gallons of water popped the riveted lid off; collapsed the tank to the side (fortunately away from the house); and cracked to bottom of the tank, as well as the cement pad. Here are photos showing the damage to the tank. Anna and our neighbors were able to collect some water from the tank in buckets.

We do have a small header tank for gravity feed water flow in the house. Usually we top off the header tank late in the day for the next day’s water usage. Amazingly, Anna forgot to top off the header tank on the night before the quake. Therefore, there was only a small amount of sloshing in that tank. Had it been full, it could have fallen causing damage in the house, maybe even to Anna herself. We praise God for his protection!
The hardwood posts were each set on cement pads. They were bolted to ‘L’ shaped brackets in the cement. For 12 years, with only the rare, small earthquake far removed from Walagu, this system worked fine. But the cement pads did fail during a close, direct hard shake. Photos show how the cement cracked and even just exploded during the quake. We need to replace the posts. This can be done one-by-one. We will rethink how to do the posts. They will probably be buried deep in ground, rather than on cement pads.

We will also be replacing the external water tank, probably with a molded plastic tank rather than the metal ring tank. I do not yet know any details about costs. I’ll let you know more later.

This earthquake shook up my plans for my time in PNG in other ways. I planned to have 2 of the 4 Onobasulu co-translators come to Ukarumpa to work with me. Each day, as I learned more about the damage to the region and the Onobasulu people, I was concerned if I should really have these two men leave their families during this time. During separate conversations with Johann Alberts and Anna Stoppels, both mentioned the same concerns. So after much prayer and also talking via radio with the two men, we jointly decided that they needed to be with their families and community. But do not worry, I still have plenty of work to do!

We give praise and honor to the Lord for His protection during this very difficult time. Please do continue to pray for the Onobasulu people and others here in Papua New Guinea who are experiencing such a devastating time. Pray for the safety of workers who are trying to provide help and aid.

One last note: as I type this, Johann Alberts is scheduled to go into his repair surgery on collarbone and shoulder. Thanks for praying for all of these needs!

Papua New Guinea Earthquake info part 1 from Beverly

March 7, 2018

March 2018

I arrived in Ukarumpa February 23, 2018, with a very long list of work items to accomplish. I knew even then that the list was too long. Wow! God has really changed my plans.

That first Saturday, February 24, a co-worker had a bicycle accident breaking his collarbone injuring his shoulder. That changed my work plans a small amount. Please pray for Johann Alberts as he has surgery on his shoulder later this week.

Early Monday morning, February 26, Papua New Guinea experienced a 7.5 earthquake. It’s epicenter was very near the area where the Onobasulu people live. In this map, Mt. Bosavi is the cone shape in the southern section. The inked in outline is basically the borders of the Onobasulu people. As you can see, a pie shaped piece goes up the side of Mt. Sisa. This is where the first large 7.5 quake was centered between 3:30 and 3:45 a.m. Monday. The other pins show just a part of the numerous aftershocks that are still occurring, even until today. The green dots are approximately where the larger Onobasulu villages are located. The larger green dot is Walagu.

Anna Stoppels, another co-worker, was actually in Walagu on Monday, February 26. Tuesday was the day she had planned to leave Walagu. Her last week in Ukarumpa partially overlapped with my first work week. We were able to discuss work issues, as well as catching up as friends.

Ukarumpa is a small town used as base of our work here in PNG. This shows how far Ukarumpa was from the epicenter. I did feel the earthquake that night. I thought, “Oh no, that is bad somewhere!” At that time, I did not know it was so closely centered to where I work.

I hope soon to get more info to you.

In His Love,

Beverly R. Mosley

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30 January, 2018 19:46

January 30, 2018

Thanks for praying for Beverly Mosley during the month of February 2018!

Beverly Mosley prayer for February 2018.pdf

January 2018 newsletter from Beverly

January 22, 2018

Check the newsletter page for my January 2018 newsletter!

Where in the world is Beverly Mosley?

October 9, 2017

“…being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6 KJV

October 2017

Dear Ones,

I am still in Texas. In my August newsletter*, I shared my plans to travel to Papua New Guinea in late September. I wasn’t able to make this trip for a number of reasons including my coming down with . bronchitis. The doctor’s very strong recommendation was no international travel for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. My eyes teared up, as I realized that my trip would not happen. I then had lots of travel plans to cancel. However, I was glad that at least I had not finalized the commercial airline tickets. My prayer is that God would open the doors for me to make this trip early next year.

Even as I was disappointed at the delay, I realized that I was not ready to head off to PNG. The last few years were more difficult than I had acknowledged to myself. In 1 Kings chapters 17-19, Elijah the prophet foretells a drought, has the power encounter on Mt Carmel proving God’s supremacy, then runs in fear. Elijah ends up exhausted. God tucks him away, providing for him. I have fought and run; then fought and run again. The passion of my heart is for Bible translation for the Onobasulu people. My heart and passion have been bruised. Healing has begun, but needs to continue. Thanks for praying for healing of both my heart and body. Your faithful partnership allows my Wycliffe ministry serving the Onobasulu translation program to move forward.

* That I can rest upon the comfort found in the promises of God’s Word;
* For my many faithful partners;
* For the gift of dear family and friends during the last few, difficult months.

* For God’s provision of healing and support;
* For wisdom in shaping the next season of my ministry with the Onobasulu translation program;
* For the logistics and details of potential PNG trip hopefully early next year;
* For opportunities to share my Wycliffe ministry as I trust God for adding to my ministry partnership team.

In His Love,

Beverly R. Mosley

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