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Where in the world is Beverly Mosley?

October 9, 2017

“…being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6 KJV

October 2017

Dear Ones,

I am still in Texas. In my August newsletter*, I shared my plans to travel to Papua New Guinea in late September. I wasn’t able to make this trip for a number of reasons including my coming down with . bronchitis. The doctor’s very strong recommendation was no international travel for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. My eyes teared up, as I realized that my trip would not happen. I then had lots of travel plans to cancel. However, I was glad that at least I had not finalized the commercial airline tickets. My prayer is that God would open the doors for me to make this trip early next year.

Even as I was disappointed at the delay, I realized that I was not ready to head off to PNG. The last few years were more difficult than I had acknowledged to myself. In 1 Kings chapters 17-19, Elijah the prophet foretells a drought, has the power encounter on Mt Carmel proving God’s supremacy, then runs in fear. Elijah ends up exhausted. God tucks him away, providing for him. I have fought and run; then fought and run again. The passion of my heart is for Bible translation for the Onobasulu people. My heart and passion have been bruised. Healing has begun, but needs to continue. Thanks for praying for healing of both my heart and body. Your faithful partnership allows my Wycliffe ministry serving the Onobasulu translation program to move forward.

* That I can rest upon the comfort found in the promises of God’s Word;
* For my many faithful partners;
* For the gift of dear family and friends during the last few, difficult months.

* For God’s provision of healing and support;
* For wisdom in shaping the next season of my ministry with the Onobasulu translation program;
* For the logistics and details of potential PNG trip hopefully early next year;
* For opportunities to share my Wycliffe ministry as I trust God for adding to my ministry partnership team.

In His Love,

Beverly R. Mosley

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Wow! A newsletter from Beverly Mosley!

April 1, 2017

And it is not a joke! Finally the March newsletter from Beverly! Since I originally wrote this letter, Mother has been in the hospital a second time with bronchitis at the very same time as our things were moved to Huffman. I also had bronchitis. We still need to properly unpack and resume normal and healthy life. Please pray for good recovery for both Mother and me!

Please email me if you would like to receive an email copy of my newsletter directly. Thanks for praying!

Beverly Mosley NL Mar 2017 for blog.pdf

The Best Ever. . .

December 23, 2016

I am enjoying time with my family for the Christmas season. Yesterday, we celebrated by family photos. (Don’t worry, I’ll not share all 300-400 photos!) However, here is the big group of us:

Nana is in the middle, two granddaughters, one of the two grandsons’ in law, one grandson, and five great grandkids, and the happiest auntie!
Nana and Ray enjoy the special bond of sharing a birthday.

But, I also miss my Onobasulu family. I think about what might be happening in Walagu and the other villages. There would be plans for a special Christmas crusade. Think Christmas revival meetings. But also a fun part of the Christmas crusade is that the extended family gets together. Some of the family members that work outside the language area, often make a special effort to come back to be with family. And sago will be an important part of the menu when the family eats together.
Most of all, I love thinking about how the amazing of God the Father sending His Son into the world to be God with Us, Immanuel. I ponder the amazing humility of Jesus to be willing to be born to a common family, not to be born in a palace or hospital. His love and adoption of me, also lets me enjoy the privilege of living among and being a part of the Onobasulu people.

Where ever you are, whoever you are with, remember that His love reaches out to you and invites to you be a part of His Family, because of Jesus!

Working from around the world & Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2016

I just left everyone hanging after my last blog post. I apologize for that. I did get through the last week, with help from dear friends. I did make it onto the plane and safely home with my luggage!

Here is the table in Ukarumpa where the consultant checking work happened. This is me set to work on the corrections suggested by the consultant.

What am I doing now?! I did enjoy some family time last week for Thanksgiving. Do not worry about me not having enough work to do here in Texas. In fact, that is the pray request, that I can establish even better work environment and make good progress on my very long work to do list.

And as we have just been thinking about the many blessings of our lives and giving thanks for those blessings. And as we look forward to remembering the greatest gift ever given to our lost and fallen world, The gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ! I would like to challenge you (and me!) what are we going to give back to Him?

There are very many great avenues to give. Please pray about adding Bible Translation to your giving list. If God puts the Onobasulu work onto your hearts, there are a couple of ways. Go to; then the donation tab. You can enter or search by member name. And there is also a special account for Onobasulu training work. That number is 991069.

Enjoy various family & cultural traditions and celebrates. Just also remember the real reason we all celebrate! Have a blessed Christmas season!

Celebration and Grief

October 25, 2016

Some days are days of celebration and pure joy. Some days are difficult, and we just struggle through. Today has been a long hard day for me. I did not get a great night’s sleep and then I was up way earlier than my usual. I waited at the airstrip for the cold rain to end and the clouds to clear, then watched the plane fly off to Walagu. I had some difficult things to discuss and think about today. And the day stayed cloudy, rainy, and dreary. Just a plain ole hard day walking hand in hand with both celebration and grief. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Draft, Revise, Edit, Check Again. . .

October 22, 2016

Translating the Bible is not just going through the text one time, and changing word by word. It is drafting, then many, many checks and re-checks. Some days it does seem like the task is never ending. Well, today, The Onobasulu men and I finished a list of verses that still had some questions. So, after many drafts, checks, and revisions Luke is almost ready to print. Well, there are still a few, very small format changes that need to happen. But for the moment, we are happy with the introduction, text, section headings, and footnotes. Sigh. Very big sigh!

The men leave PNG time, early Tuesday morning. I leave Ukarumpa on 31st October. I overnight in Port Moresby, then on to Brisbane, Australia to spend a couple of nights with friends and much needed down time. Then two long flights: first to Sydney, then Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth airport (HOME!)

Tea Break on Thursday morning

October 19, 2016

Well, we are having our midmorning tea break here in Papua New Guinea. The four Onobasulu men and I are working through the suggested changes from the consultant checking on Luke’s Gospel the last couple of weeks. We are making good progress.

Here is Beverly’s computer surrounded by paperwork. We are enjoying working in the dining room of the house where I am living these weeks!

Just before break we were working in Chapter 15 of Luke’s Gospel. In the first few verses, there were a few small changes to make. Often ‘typos’ that I continue to find! However, the third parable is that of the prodigal son. I want you to know exactly what our consultant Howard Oates said about our translation.
“Ch 15.11-32 The story was very clear and well understood. Excellent!”

Here is a photo of some of my work pages:

Most pages have some corrections. On the right side is part of the Luke 15 passage. The only marks on the page were where I marked the reading breaks as we read through the previous week. NO corrections! It is a lovely page.

Thanks for your continued prayers!