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Jumping Hurdles

December 4, 2014

Back in high school, I had to jump hurdles during the track part of P.E. Let’s just say, it was not a thing of grace and beauty. I could basically get over the hurdle, but not in good time. But that was not a surprise as running in general was not my strong point.

Being a Bible translator for the Onobasulu people is like jumping hurdles. We set a number of intermediate goals. Some days, I run at my translation goal, and metaphorically sail over the top with grace. Most days, I squeak over the top with a scraped knee, but I’m on the other side. Occasionally, I run up to the hurdle, stop and sneak around the end of the hurdle and jog on down the track. Some days, I wipe out.

This week, I had a dental appointment and was excited that I could come home and say, “Look, Mom, no cavities!” Yesterday, I had a sonogram on my carotid arties. I get the report next week. I expect a good report, but this will make a good baseline for future tests. We also wanted to check because of family history. Next week, I have a stress test to see how my heart as recovered since my September heart attack. Pray that I get good reports from these cardiac tests. Today, looking at this hurdle, it feels like a huge, difficult hurdle.

There is also the hurdle of unbudgeted expenses.

You can participate in celebrating Christmas with the Onobasulu or other Bible translation needs by clicking on this link:

Your generosity would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for praying for all of these needs.

Meet you at the race track! On your Mark! Get set, GO!

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