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How I Spent My Papua New Guinea’s Independence Day!

September 16, 2016

I went mid-day to the cardiologist’s office fasting for nuclear stress test. The office staff had squeezed me in between the other tests, so that I could be cleared for next week’s planned departure. (Yes, that ‘next week departure’ definitely added to today’s stress!!) We thought that the doctor would be able to talk briefly to me between the other patients.

However, like many plans, after my tests, the staff said, “OK, you can leave now.” My reply was something like this, “Oh no. I am supposed to talk with the doctor. I can sit and wait here until everyone else is gone, if necessary!” After a bit of dialogue ~ After me trying not to cry at them, I finally left and cried in the car on the way home. At that point in time, the weekend seemed to last forever until Monday morning. Late in the afternoon, I finally received a tentative approval. The doctor briefly looked at the test results, and thinks that it will be no problem to give me the official cardiac clearance for my upcoming trip to PNG!! Thanks to everyone who prayed!

One week from now, I hope to be in the middle of flying towards PNG. There are still many things to accomplish this week. Please pray for grace and wisdom each day.

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