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Out Of Paper!

October 7, 2016

I brought a printer with me to PNG in one of my checked bags. That was one reason I was upset about my luggage not arriving in Port Moresby with me! My first week here, I went to our print shop and asked to buy one ream of paper and a note pad. The dear lady there asked, “Do you want two reams of paper?” I looked at her a bit astonished, and answered, “Yes, I would like two reams of paper.” Well, after just a partial week of consultant checking, printing multiple copies of the text with lots of room for correction notes. . . I just loaded the last of the first ream of paper into the printer. And I just had to change to a new black ink cartridge. I am so glad my Papua New Guinean friend knew better than I did!

I guess my next task will be to plant some trees!

It is Saturday lunch time as I write this, in just over one half hour, the consultant and four Onobasulu men will arrive and we will get some more checking done today!

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