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April Update from Beverly Mosley

April 25, 2018

April 2018

Dear Ones,

In February, I boarded the first of my flights to Papua New Guinea. I had suitcases filled with clothes and work materials. I also had a long list of work plans for my short time in PNG. I knew even then that my list was too long. However, I was so excited to be headed back to work face to face with my Onobasulu co-workers.

I did get work done, in spite of God shaking up my plans. Early in the morning of February 26, a very strong earthquake was epicentered quite near to the Onobasulu language area. It had been almost 100 years since a quake this strong hit our area, therefore, no one alive during this quake could remember this kind of experience. A large portion of our language area, as well as surrounding areas, sustained huge damage. The damage includes loss of or damage to houses and landslides that took out gardens and covered sago palm plantings. The landslides also dirtied fresh water supplies. Many areas have huge cracks in the ground. And most frightening, the aftershocks continue to occur. The aftershocks have lessened in frequency and intensity, but are still happening too often for everyone’s comfort.

Amazing work has been done by a combination of agencies to get relief aid into the stricken communities and medi-vac injured people to regional hospitals. So many people have been involved, I will not even try to list them all. Thanks so very much to all who are helping! Here is something that blessed my heart so much just one day. Our main working base in PNG is a small town up in the Eastern Highlands Province called Ukarumpa. There is one small store there. The store had made arrangements that individuals could buy supplies or donate clothes, etc. Then these goods were flown out to the area. One day, I was in line waiting my turn to check out. I notice two young girls were paying for a couple of small purchases. They made sure to ask for the special sticker showing that the items are for the relief effort. The girls carefully counted out the cash, as their mom watched. They put their items on the table. By the time that I was checking out, they returned with bags of clothes. You see, their dad is one of the pilots flying the relief supplies to the region. After family discussion, the girls decided to use some of their own money to buy food, and sorted through and donated some of their clothes. I just stood there, watching, and trying hard not to cry. Their mom took this photo for me to share with you.

What are my work plans now? I am glad that you asked! I am now officially on furlough. This means I need to report to my current prayer and financial partnership team. I need to find some new prayer and financial partners. How are you involved in the Onobasulu translation program? Would you consider increasing your involvement? Would you like to invite some of your friends to be a part of our team? Please contact me so we can make an appointment. I am hoping to return to PNG in very early 2019, so we have lots of work to get done between now and next January. Thanks for praying.

In His Love,

Beverly R. Mosley

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