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Thoughts from a mentor . . .

August 15, 2019

Sitting in the classroom listening to the discussion, I know the answer, but I wait for the students to answer. Sometimes it is quite difficult not to answer. I noticed the other day, I was not answering out loud with my voice, but I was sitting there using ASL fingerspelling. Another time, I was watching Dickson type. He is new to typing, and struggling to find a certain letter. I noticed that my hand was in my lap, but the correct finger was reaching for the key on the imaginary keyboard in my mind!

The teachers and other mentors are from the training department. I am actually the only experienced Bible translator in the classroom. So, there are times when I can contribute good ideas to the class discussion.

Celebrating that this is Friday afternoon. We are all looking forward to the weekend. Then class Monday all day; class Tuesday in the morning; followed by class graduation Tuesday afternoon.

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