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One Week ’til Walagu

November 7, 2011

Today in Ukarumpa, it is a beautiful sunny day, which we are enjoying after some cloudy days. One week from today, on the 14th November, I plan to fly out to Walagu. We are still awaiting a good report about the airstrip conditions at Walagu. Work was begun last week on the airstrip. However, not as much work was done since a community leader in the small hamlet next to the airstrip died. Since most everyone living there is related, all work ceased. The weather has been mixed, both sunny days & some rainy days. We need some more work to happen on the airstrip, and several good sunny days, especially the closer we get to Monday.

Pray for the leaders of our aviation department to make a wise choice as to how to fly myself and Dan Bauman (will be doing recording) to Walagu. If we need to change to a helicopter, then that leaves the other passenger on the fixed wing plane without enough cargo weight to make his flight viable. His airstrip is not far from Walagu and might be in similar conditions. However, all 3 of us and our cargo is too much weight for the helicopter. The aviation leadership almost need wisdom like Solomon.

Well, my laundry is dry, folded and put away. I have had a nice lunch, and I headed off to a nap.

Thanks for praying for all of us.

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