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Ready, Set, Put up the Roof!

April 23, 2014

Most of the work yesterday was preparing to put up the roof on the new Onobasulu translation & literacy building! First of all, they installed the beam that will hold up the roof. Here is Michael installing the first beam. This morning, I can hear the saw cutting the second for the other side of the building.

The other work done yesterday was assembling the trusses that will go up today. They measured and chalked the outline on the floor, then built one truss on top of the other. This helps them to be consistent in size and shape.

Later today, the trusses will begin to go up. Pray for good building weather. We would prefer that we have no rain, but some cloud cover. The last couple of days are bright & sunny, but very hot & draining. Pray for a bit of breeze, but not too windy, especially the next couple of days, as men will be on the roof working. Lifting up roofing iron panels in windy conditions is neither safe nor fun!

We praise God that there have been no serious injuries. Pray for continued safety & good health.

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