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Draft, Revise, Edit, Check Again. . .

October 22, 2016

Translating the Bible is not just going through the text one time, and changing word by word. It is drafting, then many, many checks and re-checks. Some days it does seem like the task is never ending. Well, today, The Onobasulu men and I finished a list of verses that still had some questions. So, after many drafts, checks, and revisions Luke is almost ready to print. Well, there are still a few, very small format changes that need to happen. But for the moment, we are happy with the introduction, text, section headings, and footnotes. Sigh. Very big sigh!

The men leave PNG time, early Tuesday morning. I leave Ukarumpa on 31st October. I overnight in Port Moresby, then on to Brisbane, Australia to spend a couple of nights with friends and much needed down time. Then two long flights: first to Sydney, then Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth airport (HOME!)

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