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“Throw your net on the other side of the boat.”

April 23, 2015

I love to imagine myself inside the stories of the Bible: walking through the sea on dry land, watching David defeat Goliath, sitting with the crowd listening to Jesus teach, then enjoying the feast with the five thousand others. I imagine myself in the story that John records at the end of his gospel about Jesus and the fishing disciples.

Now, I do not know if I really want to be with Peter and crew as the story opens. They have been fishing all night and no fish. I see tired, hungry, grumpy men. Maybe they are grumbling or accusing each other of incompetence. Then some guy on the shore (and real fishermen don’t dwell on the shore!) suggests simply throwing the net onto the other side of the boat. Really, after the weeks we have come through. This fishing trip was to be fun, recreational, and supply what we need!

But the guy on the shore was Jesus. The disciples are about to get more provision than they know how to handle. Read on to the end of the story, and Peter gets a healing and restoring session with Jesus.

The last few weeks, even months, I had moments when it seems like I am fishing all night and not catching anything. I made plans that did not reach fulfillment. My plans in March switched all around.

So this morning, I am thinking, praying, and trying to be in God’s plan on His timing. I am working on a new set of plans. There are strong hints to my heart that I am in God’s plan. There is still one facet of the plan that still feels like I in the empty, no-fish boat. I am tired, smelly, hungry, and grumpy. I very much hope that my provision is swimming under the boat, being held back for just the right moment. I hope that this moment is just moments away from my life.

God is working out the details for me to be able to make a short trip to Papua New Guinea. This trip will include me being able to participate in the Onobasulu translation team finishing the fourth and final module of the Translators’ Training Course. Please join me in praying for the details and provision that need to still happen. Pray for my heart as I wish I had the all the answers now, just three weeks and one day from when I am scheduled to get onto the plane to begin my travels.

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